Miss Match  Marathi Movie 720p Download

Miss Match Marathi Movie 720p Download

Jan. 18, 2018
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Follows a girl Priya (Mrinmai Kolwalkar) and her search for her perfect match. Priya is the only daughter of a U.S based N.R.I business man Suryakant Samarth (Uday Tikekar). Like every father Suryakant Samarth wants his daughter to get married. But Priya does’nt believe in arranged marriages and asks her father to give her a time of 2 years in which she will find a perfect match for herself, she also convinces him to send her to Pune for her post graduation course. Her father agrees but puts a condition that if she fails to do so in the given time she will have to marry a person of his choice. One and half years is already over and Priya has not found her match yet but Priya has still not given up hopes. Mira who is Priya’s cousin, college mate & confidante suggests her to imagine and visualise the man she is longing for and assures her of finding the man of her dream by doing so. Priya follows that and suddenly declares to her friends of having a boyfriend. She describes in detail …

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